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Things to consider before buying

There are many things to consider when buying a poker chip set.
Before deciding what to get, make sure you have answers to the following questions.

Number of players

number of chips

chips quality


the single most important factor

There is one single important factor you should consider, when choosing poker set – what chips are inside. While pokers sets have a lot of bells and whistles, like beautiful cases, professional plastic cards, dices and what not, the chips are still the most important. The reason for that is simple – poker is not only the game of skill but it is also a game of style.

Poker has a certain feel and aura to it. We play this game in a chilled manner with a company of good friends, having great time. We want to have a fiew beers and laughts – a perfect evening. Hope you agree here that nothing says „a perfect evening“ more than a beautifully sweet sound of chips changing hands.

As much as powerful the sound of chips is, they also must feel right. No one wants to feel some cheap plastic between their fingers, that weight not more than a creadit card. We want them to be heavy and smooth, like the chips they have at the high roller tables. Finally, poker chips is the most crutial element of the set, because at the end the whole game rolls around them. They are a measuring instrument, determining the winners and losers.

The pile of beautiful, shiny, highest quality chips in the middle of the table is a real treat to the eyes of the players. Keep this in mind, when you will be deciding on which poker set to pick.

TOP 5 poker chip sets to consider

#1. Copag Texas Hold’em Poker 300 Chips Set

The Copag Texas Hold’em Poker 300 Chips Set is one of the best poker sets we come accross on the market. By just looking at the set you can understand that it is a quality product made with a deep understanding of players needs. First of all the briefcase – the box is very nice and well built, it is thick and pleasantly heavy. The locks are easy to open and close. Then there are cards, they are 100% plastic poker size cards, professional and of high quality. And of course the chips. This poker set contains 300 highest quality chips, weighting 14 grams each. The chips are denominated in dollars and have the following values: 5 (100 pcs), 25 (75 pcs), 50 (50 pcs), 100 (50 pcs), 500 (25 pcs). The chips are very professional looking and great value for the money. They are made from ceramic clay, making them sound similar as the ones on the real casino floor.

#2. WPC Poker Chips Set – 500 Piece Numbered Poker Set + Cards and Extras

This huge pocker chip set is a great addition to a man cave. The case includes 500 quality chips, each weighting 11,5 grams. All chips are made from quality grade clay composite with denominations marked on eachside of the chips. All chips are packed in rolls of 25 and are sold as a set in the case. The stickers are heat pressed and are made to last long time.

The pocker set also includes quality 5 quality dices, 2 packs of 100% plastic playing cards, “dealer”, “small” and “big blid” buttons. It has everyhting you will need to have a great night with your friends playng a tournament. You can even play 2 tables at the same time. It is ideal for a 4+ (max 10) person games.

#3. ASS 106695327 Luxury Poker set. 200 pieces

This is a superb value for the money poker chip set. It comes in a professionally looking in a ctylish wooden black box. The total weight for this set is 4,5 kg and the dimensions as follows: 36.4 x 25.4 x 14.6 cm.

While it is not a big set with only 200 chips, it is of a very high quality and great for a small tournaments of 3-4 people. The chips are made from ceramic and have weight of 14 grams.

In addition to the high quality ceramic chips, the poker set includes 2 Decks of professional quality poker cards, 1 Dealer button and Texas Holdem rules in 12 languages.


#4. CQ Poker 500 HIGH ROLLER Numbered Poker Chips + Case, Cards, Dice, Dealer Button

The next 2 positions on our list are a little simpler but ar by no means of a lower quality. They are great to beginners, exploring the world of poker and who are just starting to enjoy this game of skill with their friends.

This poker set includes 500 plastic chips, denominated as follows: 1 (150 pcs), 5 (150 pcs), 10 (100 pcs), 50 (50 pcs), 100 (50 pcs).The chips are made from heavy plastic and weigh 11,5 grams. No currency sicn iincluded. In addition to chips, the poker set includes quality plastic cards, 5 dices and a dealer button. The overall quality for the set is good, cosidering the low cost and the value you get for the money. One negative side though is the quality of the case itself. The thin aluminim case not very strong.

#5. 300 Piece Poker Chip Set in Aluminium Case

The final poker set we recommend is a 300 chip set in aluminium case. As the one mentioned above, it is great for a new players and people just starting out the whole “playing poker with buddies” thing.

The chips in the set are the same as in the 500 set. It also comes with 2 packs of cards, dices and a dealer button.

Being the most affordable poker set in the list it is perfect for beginners on a budget.

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